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Construction Waste Crusher is a Standard Crushing Machine

Because of the strict exploitation standard of the mine and the harsh working environment of the crusher, many customers have a higher requirement on the performance of the crushing machine. At the same time, the implementation of the national energy conservation policy also put forward higher requirement on the crushing machine. It can be said that the crusher industry is facing unprecedented opportunity and challenges. Take the current situation of the mining machine into consideration, SBM machinery had optimize the structural characteristic and the working performance of the crusher to satisfy the market demand.
construction waste crusher is a standard crushing machine. Because of the advantages of stable performance and the small size, it is loved by major of the users. It also breaks the monopoly situation of the foreign machine in domestic crushing industry. After decades of transformation, the function of construction waste crusher is better than before. construction waste crusher is composed of the main body, coping, rotor, screening board and the adjustment device. The electric motor drives the rotation of the rotor. The rotor is composed of the main axis, end place and other parts. The electric motor drives the rotor do high speed rotation to crush the material. The main body is composed of the upper and lower case, crushing board, screening board and other parts. The crushing board and screening board are fixed on the pallet. The pallet is installed in the inner wall of the casing to prevent the worn of the chassis. The crushing chamber is composed of the crushing board, screening plant, impact board and the rotor. The adjustment device is composed of the worm, turbines, pointers, and other parts. It is mainly used for the adjustment between the rotor and the screening board.
Domestic mining industry has got rapid develop in recent years. As the leader of the mining industry, SBM machinery continuously improves the performance and introduces kinds of crushing machine. During the developing process, SBM speed up the science and technology input to satisfy the requirement of the major customers.


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