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The Production Flow of Continuous Construction Waste Crusher

The design of the construction waste crusher production flow is a crucial process for construction waste crusher, and many factors should be taken into consideration, including material property, product fineness, granularity distribution, particle shape, output and equipment performance. This production flow can be divided into continuous system and batch system and this paper will focus on the continuous construction waste crusher production flow.
The continuous system is a technical system with continuous feeding and continuous discharging. And its features are:
(1) High processing capacity, suitable for industrial mass production.
(2) The final products can be discharged timely with low over-crushing ratio and low energy consumption.
(3) The coverage area is big, so that the one-time investment is high.
(4) The control parameters are many, so that to ensure dynamic stability, all the machines should be in good condition and require high automatic degree. At present the main equipment used for the construction waste crusher process of the powders is continuous system.
The continuous system can be divided into open-circuit system and closed-circuit system whose main difference lies in whether there is a classifier equipped in the system.
(1) Open-circuit system
The open-circuit system is mainly composed of feeding device, main engine and product collector. The most obvious feature of this system is simplicity without outside classification equipment. The commonly used equipment in the open-circuit system include impact superfine crusher, multi-cylinder vibrating mill, Raymond mill and airflow crusher.
(2) Closed-circuit system
The classification device of the closed-circuit system is installed outside the crusher, or before or after the crusher or between two crushing procedures, and its main function is to reduce the staying time of the fine particles inside the grinding mill, thus avoid over crushing. In addition, the quality of the product is easy to control and the crushing efficiency is improved. The disadvantages of this system are complicated system, large coverage area and high one-time investment.


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