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Akku für Dell Latitude E5420 ATG

Das auf Computerhardware spezialisierte Unternehmen HP kann mit Blick auf die Umsatz- und Gewinnentwicklung derzeit keine sonderlich üppigen Wachstumsraten aufweisen. Die seit dem Jahreswechsel zu beobachtende Performance kann sich mit über elf Prozent aber durchaus sehen lassen. Obwohl die Gewinnmargen etwas niedriger als bei der Konkurrenz ausfallen, scheint die Firma die Probleme vergangener Jahre bewältigt und die damalige Existenzkrise überstanden zu haben. Gemäß den von FactSet Research Systems erfassten Prognosen wird beim Gewinn pro Aktie für das abgelaufene dritte Quartal ein Wert von 0,42 Dollar pro Aktie prognostiziert. Für das mittlerweile laufende vierte Quartal wird ein leichter Zuwachs auf 0,44 Dollar erwartet.

Bei den ausgesprochenen Analystenurteilen dominiert derzeit der Optimismus. Von den insgesamt 23 von FactSet Research Systems empfiehlt eine Mehrheit von 12 Analysten die HP-Aktie zum Kauf ("Buy"), während zwei Aktienexperten zum Übergewichten ("Overweight") raten. Neun Analysten stufen den Titel als Halteposition ("Hold") ein, negative Analystenbewertungen gibt es derzeit hingegen keine. Die ausgesprochenen Kursziele reichen von 18,75 bis 23,00 Dollar und ergeben einen Mittelwert von 21,06 Dollar (aktuell: 18,51 Dollar).

In den vergangenen fünf Jahren verzeichnete die Aktie von HP eine heftige Berg- und Talfahrt in einer Range von 5,30 bis 19,50 Dollar. Seit Anfang 2016 bewegt sich der Technologiewert in einem intakten Aufwärtstrendkanal, dessen untere Begrenzung bei 17,50 Dollar angesiedelt ist. Ein Verletzen dieser Marke könnte chartinduzierten Verkaufsdruck aufkommen lassen und zu einem Unterschreiten der im Bereich von 17 Dollar angesiedelten Unterstützungszone führen. Aktuell befindet sich der Wert aber eher auf Tuchfühlung mit einer markanten charttechnischen Widerstandszone. Um sie nachhaltig zu überwinden, wäre vor allem eines hilfreich: eine positive Überraschung beim Update am Mittwoch.

Popular virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift are tethered to a PC, significantly limiting freedom of movement. So HP has put a VR-capable computer into a backpack – but it’s very much for business, not entertainment.

HP describes its new Z VR Backpack as “the world’s first professional wearable VR PC”.

Features include a 16GB Nvidia Quadro P5200 graphics processing unit and an Intel Core i7 vPro processor to minimise disconcerting dropped frames, and hot-swappable batteries to extend session lengths.

Potential applications can be found in a wide variety of fields – HP has mentioned product design, architecture, healthcare, first responder training, automotive, retail and entertainment.

For content creators, a docking station will speed the transfer of VR models from development PCs to the Backpack.

The Z VR Backpack is scheduled to go on sale in September – prices have yet to be announced, but don’t expect it to be cheap. A VR “immersion centre” will open in Sydney before the end of the year so that customers can experience VR technology and consult HP’s experts.

Researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi said they have created an ‚unhackable‘ chip to shore up the defences of computer hardware, in an age of increasing threats to individuals and companies across the globe.

This is the first working prototype of a chip that has security features or locks implemented as part of its hardware design, protecting it from hardware-level – rather than software – threats.

Ozgur Sinanoglu, NYUAD’s associate dean of engineering for academic affairs and head of the university’s Design for Excellence lab, has previously said malicious computer components – so-called Trojans – could be physically installed in factories or manufacturing labs. This would allow those behind the plan unfettered access to devices.

The chip has a secret key that makes it virtually impossible to access and would only function for authorised users.

“Without the secret key, the chips cannot be made functional,” he said.

“The functionality of chip – what it does, how it does it – can only be known if the secret key is known.”

A patent application has been filed at the US Patent Office. The researchers are creating a web-based platform to make information about the chip available to the public.

An extensive research paper by NYUAD’s Design for Excellence team will be presented in November at the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security in the US.

“These are all theoretically proven points and we will present this at a top cyber security conference, but we need to test our claims practically as well," said Mr Sinanoglu.

"We will create a web-based platform to make all information about this chip available to public. We will ask researchers to act as hackers and retrieve the secret key of our chip or reveal the exact functionality of our chip design based on this information."

There has been growing concern about cyber security and calls for solutions to secure systems from hackers following the WannaCry ransomware attack.

WannaCry infected files, shut down hospitals, banks, transport systems and industry and affected more than 150 countries in May.

On Saturday afternoon, people noticed a man running suspiciously and given many such incidents in the neighbourhood in the recent past, thought he was a chain-snatcher. The residents caught him and though he denied having anything to do with chain-snatching, thrashed him before calling police.
Subramanyanagar cops rushed to the spot and took him to the station. The man was identified as Prabhakar, 40, a computer hardware engineer. A resident of Kammanahalli in east Bengaluru, Prabhakar said he was part of a gang led by Altaf from RT Nagar. "The accused was carrying Rs 1 crore in demonetized Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. We seized the demonetized currency from him," an officer said.

"Five people, including Altaf, reached Gayathri Nagar on Saturday and a misunderstanding between the gang members resulted in a clash. Altaf asked Prabhakar to leave the area with the cash, but he was caught by residents instead outside Altaf’s house," a police officer said. "We have registered a case against Prabhakar and the gang. The accused said he was not aware of the source of the money. We are hoping to catch Altaf and find more about the source," the officer added. Police said they were investigating Prabhakar’s claims that he had no criminal antecedents.

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