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Overpressure Ultrafine Mill Improves Coal Production

The coal is made into pulverized coal in mill mainly through crushing,shredding and grinding three ways. Among which, crushing process is the mostenergy-consuming one and the milling process is most consumed. Various mills inthe milling process both have the above-mentioned two or three ways, but itdepends on the type of the pulverizer to decide the main way. There are manytypes of pulverizers, and it can be divided into three types, namely low-speedcoalmill, medium-speed coal mill and high-speed coal mill according to therotating speed of working parts. Overpressure ultrafine mill produced by SBM belongs to the high-speed high-quality and efficient milling machinery.
Technical advantages of overpressure ultrafine mill:
1, it is withinnovative roller and grinding ring design. Compared with Raymond mill, itsroller and grinding ring are designed to be multi-level ladder-like, it reducesdecline rate of materials between trapezoidal rollers and grinding ring, extendsthe rolling time of materials by roller and improves the fine degrees andproduction of finished products.
2, it adopts efficient balanced pressuredspring. Overpressure ultrafine mill absorbs the advantages of raymond mill andsuspended roller mill to combine roller assembly and the placed spring togetherwith pull rod. The radial force generated during which avoids large pieces ofmaterials falling into the grinding chamber and damaging main shaft and bearing,improving the service time of machine.
3, the host machine and classifieruse soft links; the damping spring and sealing tape not only reduce vibrationand noise, but also avoid the resonance.
4, it adopts high-density andhigh-precision impeller device.
5, it has energy efficient centrifugalinduced draft fan. Fan plays a crucial role in the entire operation of the millprocess, ultrafine mill adopts efficient energy-saving fan, greatly improvingefficiency compared with the straight blade fan.
6, overpressure trapeziummill makes the gap adjustment between classifier blades end and shellconvenient, greatly improving the accuracy of finished products.


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