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The five safari of cone crusher

Cone Construction Waste Crusher as one of the three crushing machinery and equipment, broken material variety, wide range of applications. In the rapid development of modern scientific and technological civilization, driven by the rapid development of cone crusher performance is constantly optimized, the design has been reformed, the type of continuous refinement. Cone crusher is still a large equipment, in the operation and operation of the process there are still some easy to overlook the potential danger, then how to protect the cone crusher safe?

What are the safety protection measures for the cone crusher?

Spring protection system, Construction Waste Crusher crushing more or less will contain some debris, in general, the spring will not be beating, but when the cone crusher in the size of the size is too large and can not be broken objects, Or overload and other unexpected conditions, the spring will automatically start to support its protective cover to protect the bearing will not be excessive damage. Hydraulic protection system, hydraulic protection system is optimized after the reform of the overload protection device, it is not past the collapse of the block-like replacement process so complicated and cumbersome, the replacement more quickly and easily. It is the liquid as the working medium to the liquid in the sealed cavity displacement changes in energy, in the event of unexpected circumstances lead to excessive increase in crushing force, it plays a buffer and shock effect, while protecting the fuselage at the same time For the operator for a certain amount of time.

PLC automatic control system, the 21st century is an era of rapid scientific and technological Ore Milling Equipment progress, intelligent is not just a trend, and has become a hard work for all walks of life to fight for a strong competitive target, PLC automatic control system that is intelligent cone broken A powerful automated identification of the machine, its detection is more comprehensive than the artificial, its alarm system is more effective than manual, it is worth noting that it is more cost-effective than artificial. Insurance, human insurance in the event of an accident when the funds and equity assistance to human beings to protect personal safety, cone crusher insurance is in the event of any crusher can not fully bear the situation when the power of the broken equipment in a timely manner Scattered and blocked, so as to avoid more difficult to control the situation. Rare oil lubrication system, thin oil lubrication system is mainly due to the protection of the bearing, when the accident occurred, the bearing bear most of the damage, so the protection of its critical equipment is essential to greatly enhance the safety factor.

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