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Introduction of Ultrafine Silicon Carbide

First, the machine wet superfine grinder using the most advanced assembly technology, the host interior grinding room without a bolt, no bearing, to solve the traditional mill due to the bearing into the dust and damage, loose bolts and equipment damage problem.
Second, the machine adopts vertical double-stage double-chamber alloy steel ultrafine mill device (which can be equipped with high wear-resistant ceramic ball), driven by active grinding disc to rotate the ball grinding material, to solve the traditional mill, roller, grinding ring, Bearing into the gray and often need to replace the wearing parts of the difficult problems.
Third, the machine uses high-strength hydraulic device, the alloy steel ball in the grinding plate on the working pressure increased by 6-20 tons, thereby increasing the mandatory grinding speed of the material, greatly improving the product fineness and production, is other equipment Can not be replaced.
Fourth, the machine has a two-stage grinding room, grinding high fineness, large output, to solve the traditional mill a single grinding room and low fineness, the problem of small production.
5, the machine uses two-stage frequency conversion technology, multi-level grading powder, multi-stage discharge, high precision classification, can reach more than 99%, overcome the traditional milling machine grading effect is not complete problem.
6, the machine grinding steel ball made of high quality alloy, grinding disc made of manganese and chromium alloy, so that the degree of wear greatly improved (for special materials grinding ball and grinding disc can be used high wear-resistant ceramic).


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