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In the ultrafine mill machine for the operation

In the ultrafine mill machine for the operation, we must also pay attention to a lot of problems, then it is to pay attention to what aspects of the problem? If it is a new installation of the ultrafine mill machine, it should check its tires are not normal, is not a loose, new machines tend to be such a situation, so before use, must have this check. It is in use, but also always pay attention to the work of the machine is not normal, and now more equipment are also using automatic control and remote control, it is precisely because of this, there are some companies neglect this work, often In the case of no one to let the machine work, in fact, this is wrong, if it is running, there is an abnormal phenomenon, there is no normal and timely stop, it will bring very serious consequences.
Because this superfine grinding machine is often dealing with stone, stone itself has a high wear and tear, so when it is used for it, but also pay attention to its parts is not already reached the wear and tear, if it wear To a certain extent, it must be timely replacement, and perhaps some parts in the emergence of wear and tear, you can still adhere to the use, but this will also have a great impact on other parts, so in this regard must not Will have such a machine with a certain wearing parts, it will increase with the use of time, and the emergence of wear and tear, it must be replaced for it, if the replacement of wearing parts, generally not much higher cost, but if Because it makes important parts damaged, then it is a lot of money.
When the device is in use, it should be placed at the bottom of the ultrafine mill. When the equipment is in use, it will often increase the number of active devices. At this time, it is important to note that it can not let it go , So there is a great danger. The last most important part is to always pay attention to the bearing of the equipment, which is the main part of the equipment, a machine is a lot of bearings together, because all the grinding operation and separation are also in the center of the situation And the center of the operation must have a bearing, so it is in use, because for various reasons and let it appear hot phenomenon, if it has a fever, you must stop in time, and check the reasons for the hundred fold.


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