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Ultrafine mill technology in the mineral processing

With the state invested a lot of money to find mineral resources, after years of hard work of geological workers, China has a number of mineral resources exposed the true colors, China has a number of energy areas have been depleted, the development of new mineral resources will have A large number of ultra-fine grinding equipment needs, China’s recent two years need to develop resources in Xinjiang’s coal areas, coal in Ningxia, etc., the exploitation of these resources, there will be a large number of jaw crusher, scm ultrafine mill, Tricyclic medium speed powder mill, high pressure medium speed milling machine and other needs.
He pointed out that the current energy mining construction is the leading factor in the development of ultra-fine grinding industry, but with the slowdown in fixed investment growth, this effect will decline. During the second five years, with the adjustment of economic structure and the upgrading of industrial structure, the proportion of real estate in GDP will gradually decrease. On the contrary, the corresponding large-scale construction of new energy projects will enter the development of the golden period, which will bring the ultra-fine grinding industry, a large number of models of demand.
According to the investment adviser in 2010, „China’s machinery industry investment analysis and forecast report“ shows that China is currently the world’s largest energy development, one of the largest, has become the world’s largest ultra-fine grinding market. Infrastructure investment in the huge investment, continued to accelerate the pace of urbanization and other measures to stimulate the international giants and China’s construction machinery enterprises sensitive nerve. China’s railway operating mileage, highway mileage, urban household housing area, energy construction, have directly stimulated the development and expansion of China’s ultra-fine grinding market.
The construction of nuclear power, wind power will also become the main force of the construction machinery market. It is estimated that by 2020 China’s energy construction will invest 8 trillion yuan, which are China’s ultra-fine grinding enterprises continue to grow and develop the direct factors. Shuguang Heavy Industry Technology for the new market renewal, we developed a variety of products to adapt to the market, such as tricyclic speed mill, ultra-fine milling machine, ultra-fine grinding machine.


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