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How to reduce the cost and improve the benefit of the sand making machine

How can make the sand making machine in the case of reducing costs to maximize the profitability of the equipment, with the development of modern industrial technology, the new and old to speed up. Sand making equipment is no exception, so each wave pushing at the one ahead of Yangtze River. The old mechanical equipment is bound to be replaced by the new equipment, the new energy-saving and environmental protection in the national energy conservation and environmental protection of new industrial machinery will be prosperous, the following vibration mechanical network to reduce the cost of reducing the cost of the machine to improve the efficiency of several major elements:
The first is in the process design, the major areas of industrial and mining conditions are different, so the material is not quite the same. The production process of the mechanism of sand making machine equipment, and the design scheme of the most suitable for the local environment should be chosen to carry on the reasonable arrangement. There are many factors that affect the size of the feed, the hardness of raw materials, product specifications and the size of grain size is the main reason for several reasons, so in the placement of sand machine equipment must be carefully considered to design the production line process plan. Different technological processes are different, and the level can be divided into two sections: one closed circuit production process and the three section of a closed circuit crushing production process. The two section of a closed circuit sand production process is the second part of the sand making machine and inspection equipment into the closed circuit, the process of crushing ratio in general in 25 to 15, the total crushing ratio is not big, this process is suitable for the daily production line of less than 1000 tons.
Next is in the choice of the main engine, the first to the right to the area of the sand machine equipment and the impact of the basic properties of the sand and its application. Impact type system sand machine is a typical laminated sand making machine, and the cost of purchase a portion of the cost savings compared to other impact type system sand confidential and wear resistance and other components in impact of strong, the latter part of the maintenance is also more convenient.
The design of sand making machine is designed according to the professional engineer to carry out field survey. According to the specific site size and terrain characteristics, the most suitable construction sand machine is designed, which can effectively reduce the cost of land, internal transportation and infrastructure. Reasonable selection of terrain is also particularly important. These problems should be reasonable processing, not only can reduce the investment cost, but also can improve the production efficiency, hope that the majority of sand production line users in the selection of sand making machine equipment can be correct, adjust measures to local conditions.
System sand machine is suitable for crushing of soft or hard and super hard materials, sand making machine is widely used in many departments of large, metallurgy, building, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and so on.


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