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Barcelona Announces Arpad truce for two weeks Picoh miss for three weeks without war Manchester City

Barcelona Announces Arpad truce for two weeks Picoh miss for three weeks without war Manchester City

At the club’s official website announced Pique and Alba two defenders of the injury, which, Pique need to truce for three weeks, while Alba is sidelined for two weeks. Today’s Champions League war, Barcelona 4-0 swept Manchester City, but this game, Barcelona also paid the price of two main guard injured. Alba entered the tournament starting list, but in the first 9 minutes,soccer jerseys the Spanish left-back old injury recurrence, had to be replaced by teammate Dini. 39 minutes, ankle injury Pique can not adhere to the game, had to be replaced by teammate Mathieu, both did not play the first half. After the Barcelona team medical examination, Pique was diagnosed as the right ankle medial collateral ligament strain, Alba is the left leg biceps muscle injury, the former need to truce for three weeks, the latter need to rest for two weeks. In the case of Pick’s absence, Enrique men still have a lot of choice, Martieu, Umiti and Javier Mascherano can play defender, and Alba’s position Barcelona also has the French international Dignes. The next three weeks, Barcelona has four games, respectively, the league against Valencia, Granada and Sevilla, November 2, Barcelona will be a guest Edihard stadium against Manchester City, which is the Champions League group fourth Round of the contest, it seems that Pique will miss the game because of injury, and Alba to catch up with the possibility of this game is there, but taking into account his recent injuries frequently, Enrique should let the name of the left Defender completely rest.

The gods spend blonde blonde for lunch. Change the local nightlife

UEFA Sports reported on September 14: Baluoteli in the first episode of the United States scored twice, once again into the public view. A good feeling of God and a blonde beauty in Monaco’s high-end restaurant for lunch, Nice bar is launched with his named drink. In Nice 3-2 victory over Marseille, Balotelli scored twice, barcelona jersey won the audience the best player. On Tuesday, the gods went to Monaco to relax and visit the high-end restaurant Avenue 31, and his lunch is a tall blonde beauty. They arrived at the restaurant are very low-key, wearing sunglasses, but still be omnipotent ‚Daily Mail‘ found.

They were busy playing their own mobile phone, maybe this is just to cover up their next destination is reverie. This restaurant claims to be elegant, courteous and courteous, providing guests with fresh fish, barbecue and pasta, which are twice the front page of the French media, the famous ‚team‘ and the Nice local media Shouting ‚Super Mario‘, coupled with his open arms messi jersey to celebrate the classic action. Pakistan God in France is already a well-known name, a business with his name to attract customers. ‚The Sun‘ said the god of God changed the nightlife of Nice, a local bar launched a coffee, wine and agave to reconcile a kind of wine, named Baluoteli, a cup price of 3 euros. Ba God found, do not mind this bar infringement, pushing: ‚I am now a glass of wine?‘ And with a smiling face.

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