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Effect of water of stone on the yield of ultrafine mill

The output of ultrafine mill is an important factor to measure the performance of the machine. Also with the customer’s production efficiency has an important relationship, so we need to eliminate the production of a number of factors affecting the yield, one of which is the nature of stone, here to analyze the amount of water for the production of stone has no impact on the problem. The output of ultrafine grinding mill in production is related to many factors, and we are in production, if we find that the yield has changed, will be timely to find the factors, and to solve, the yield has an impact on the many factors, one of which is the nature of the material, and the quality of the material including hardness, viscosity, and so on, here to analyze the feed water for the production has no impact on the problem.

Through the introduction of the working principle of ultra-fine mill can be found that the machine in the processing of materials, the shovel knife first shovel stone to the mill roller between the ring, and then, in the mill roll of strong centrifugal force and gravity, the role of stone is tightly crushed in the mill ring, this gradually makes the material broken mill into powder, the process, the mill cavity will produce a lot of heat, this time, if the moisture content in the material, water heating effect will be a certain degree of evaporation, then will affect the direction of the air flow in the mill chamber. Not only will affect the size of production, but also serious time will cause the explosion of the accident, which is very detrimental to the production of Ultra-fine Mill, so the control of moisture in the material is very important.

The other is in the work, if the water content in the material is relatively large, when mill, will be because of the humidity of the powder adhesion in the mill cavity, which is very easy to cause the production of clogging phenomenon, and to the adhesion of the powder more and more, will cause ultrafine mill speed, pressure changes, and then make the production decline, this water larger stone, but also will cause wear and tear inside the machine accessories increase phenomenon, affect the machine life.

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