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Ultrafine Mill For Talc Production Line

Our company produce the ultrafine mill is a new kind of efficient equipment, this equipment can be used for grinding of talcum powder and talcum powder production, and can be used for many industrial applications, this paper introduces the two problems two.

Ultrafine mill is a kind of industrial milling equipment is very important, it can be used in many kinds of materials in the production of flour, superfine powder mill two, Mohs hardness of less than six grade material can be produced by the company for the production of flour, talc and Mohs hardness of less than six belong to grade material. Talc is the two kinds of materials of mineral resources in Mohs hardness smaller, according to the Mohs hardness standard, all the ore material two is divided into ten levels, and two kinds of talc belong to low hardness, hardness higher material is diamond.

Talc is milled by ultrafine grinding into white or white fine powder, and then it can be used for two industrial production after two sets of processing. Two some talcum powder physical properties, such as smooth, tasteless, insoluble in water. Talcum powder can also be used in ceramic production, can be used in the wireless electric porcelain, industrial ceramics, building ceramics, daily-use ceramics and enamel production etc.. Talc can also be used in the production of waterproof materials, such as waterproof ointment, waterproof coating and waterproof coiled material. In addition, the talc is ground to a finer particle size and can be used in the manufacture of cosmetics, coated paper, textiles, lubricants, etc..

Above is the main purpose of superfine powder grinding equipment with talcum powder, I plant the production of superfine grinding applications according to the scope of its material is to set the scope of application, because the material is very extensive, so it can be used in the field is very broad, users know these, you can find more ultrafine grinding the application.

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