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Sinorock self drilling bolt for Slope Stability

There are many factors influencing slope stability, which can be generalized in internal and external factors.

Internal factors include landscape condition, rock property, rock structure and geologic structure.

External factors include hydrogeological condition, weathering, water flow, earthquake and human factors.

During deformation, internal factors play decisive controlling impact and external factors have promotion effect. When analyzing slope’s stability, several factors should be studied to find inner link between each other and then evaluate its stability.

Whether internal factors or external factors, self drilling bolt has good reinforcement and supporting function to sustain stability of slope. Through drilling, grouting and anchoring carrying out at the same time, self drilling bolt can be bonded with slope by slurry and then integral structure can be formed.

Sinorock® self drilling rock bolts are passive ties; typically classified as lightly loaded, short installations. The Sinorock® Rock Bolt System provides a practical rock bolt that is quick and easy to install through fractured or broken ground. The system is available with a range of harder drill bits (Tungsten Carbide: button or chisel) for efficient drilling in stronger material.

Air or water flush percussive drilling is normally employed for installation, followed by subsequent grout injection through the bore of the bar. Injected grout provides the bond for the Sinorock® self drilling rock bolts and also helps to consolidate fractured ground. For mining applications, the Sinorock® self drilling rock bolt system is used as self-drilling rock bolts in areas of high stress at pillars, crossheads or abutments. Other applications include the use of the self-drilling bar as an injection conduit for resin, grout or waterproofing agents.

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