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Cause of severe vibration phenomenon in ultrafine mill

Ultrafine grinding in the production of flour will be due to two causes of vibration, ultrafine grinding vibration may cause the machine two parts of damage, resulting in labor and economic losses, so users need to understand the causes of vibration, and take appropriate measures to avoid the occurrence of vibration. The ultrafine mill in the installation if the plane and horizontal surface is not parallel will occur vibration, that is, when the machine installed plane does not correct, will lead to the machine’s main engine and reducer is not two plane, that is, the connection between the host wheel and reducer of different hearts. This phenomenon will cause the operation of the device on the mainframe and the operation of the reducer is not synchronized, resulting in vibration. User two can understand, superfine grinding mainframe operation is to rely on the reducer to directly drive, reducer and host parts of the installation plane is not parallel will cause the machine vibration, making reducer and host parts damage. For this phenomenon, the user can adjust the level of the ultra-fine grinding.

Ultrafine grinding in the milling process will occur normal vibration, but because the ultra-fine grinding is fixed on the ground through the anchor bolts, so its vibration amplitude is very small. However, when the local foot bolts are loosened, the vibration amplitude of the superfine grinding becomes larger, which will cause the parts and materials inside the machine to collide, causing the damage of the machine. In view of this phenomenon, the user only needs to fixed the anchor bolt to be good.

The thickness of the material layer in ultrafine grinding is also the two factors that vibrate the machine, when the internal material layer of the machine is too thin, the mill rollers and the grinding disc between the small, prone to impact phenomenon, this impact will lead to the vibration of the machine, the user for this phenomenon needs to increase the feed volume, thereby increasing the thickness of the material layer. When the material is too crisp, too large particle size will also occur vibration phenomenon, then because the material is too crisp, easy to break, so it will result in a disc on the two parts of the phenomenon, so that the grinding roller and disc impact, vibration, in view of this phenomenon, the user to control the size of the feed size, more large chunks of material occurrence of this phenomenon is more likely.

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