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Why didn’t I buy this sooner!

I am thrilled to have discovered these cartridge ink! I run a print-heavy business and have been blowing through name brand toner which in turn has been hurting my bottom line. I am always wary of off-brand ink & toner so it took me awhile to take the plunge and try this one. My biggest complaint is that I didn’t try it sooner!

If it weren’t for a message on the printer’s display that ,“Non-HP supplies installed“ you would not know the difference from an HP toner. The Printer message goes away almost immediately. I’ve used the Black for quite some time with no problems. If I encounter a problem I’ll re-post.

After a few months I have noticed a thin Magenta line after printing 10 or more pages. Solved the problem by running a Calibration Cycle from the System Menu on the printer. It clears the problem at least for a while and I have to do it again.

The price can not be beat. I can purchase all 4 colors for the same price of one HP economy cartridge (and for much, much less than a standard cartridge)!

Installation was a breeze, this fits my HP LaserJetPro (400 Series) perfectly. I have not had any issues with print quality or toner dust/leaks. The colors are spot on with the HP ones I’ve been using. I’ve been using it heavily for 2 weeks now so I am interested to see how long it lasts – but since this one costs 1/4 of the name brand ones I know I will come out ahead. Really a nice try to replace the original hp toner.

This is also a great alternative to OEM! I’ve tried many other non-OEM toner cartridges, but some arrived broken or leaking or ended up breaking and leaking after being installed. These arrived in a pristine „presentation-type“ box with clear instructions on how to install. They’ve been in my printer for many weeks now and not only do my printouts look fantastic , but the inside of my printer is still nice and clean (which means that the toner is going only where it was intended).

My bottom line – don’t wait, try V4INK cartridges!

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