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Control of ultrafine grinding in production

Ultrafine grinding in the production process, can bring benefits for the production line, not only with the performance of the machine, but also with the production of operating conditions, such as relations, production conditions, including a lot of aspects, here is to introduce the problem of feeding control. The ultrafine mill feeding control is very important, it relates to the mill milling efficiency and grain size, so control the factors involved in the material is very important, the following to detailed analysis.

The feeding machine in ultrafine mill adopts electromagnetic vibrating feeding mode, and the point vibration motive is a two-particle directional forced vibration system, which consists of a groove body, a vibrating fork and a armature, the entire electro-vibration feeder should be suspended in a free State, there should be a certain swimming gap, there must be no material and feeder collision, lest the noise at work, after installation should be used to locate the joint fork check when the screw loosened, loosen the lock nut tightening. Open the rear cover of the raymond mill, check whether the air gap between the iron core and the armature is in the 1.8-2.1 ㎜ range, parallel and clean, and check all screws for loosening, especially the pressing iron core and the armature and the plate spring screws, all normal after the cover

In all normal circumstances, open the Ultra-fine machine silo gate for material delivery, again to see whether the amplitude and current is stable, whether the feed volume meets the requirements. If the amplitude and current are in the nominal value, if the feed quantity still does not meet the requirements, the vibrator can be hoisted into a downward tilt angle, when the matter is satisfied with the requirements of the feed quantity, but the larger tilt angle does not exceed 20 degrees.

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