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ezTalks: Nice Online Meeting Tools to Save Your Time

Are you tired of wasting time organizing your meetings, appointments, seminars or conferences? Looking for ways to boost the performance of your colleagues in a meeting? Bird Office has the solution! In addition to the possibility of renting the ideal room for your event, we offer a list of tools to help you organize and animate it.
Choose the right meeting date or appointment.
Meeting several people at the same time and in the same place is not an easy task. To help you accomplish this mission, here are two great tools!
Julie, your virtual assistant screen share software https://www.eztalks.com/file-sharing/best-screen-sharing-software-for-easy-collaboration.html

Do not take your head anymore to organize all your meetings and appointments because Julie is made and does it for you. Indeed, this virtual assistant developed by three young French entrepreneurs is looking for a date that suits all participants, adds the event to your agenda and sends a confirmation.
For more information, take a look at the interview of Julien Hobeika, CEO of JulieDesk, directed by Bird Office.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

Any online meeting will be measured by its clarity in both audio and video communication and the various additional features that it offers. ezTalks Cloud Meeting https://www.eztalks.com/shop/index is designed for continuous use with unlimited access to HD video and audio interfaces.

The software is available for free. It allows the use of innovative whiteboard to improve the extent of collaboration. In addition, you get to enjoy instant screen and content sharing to go with the issues discussed in the meeting. You can record and playback any meeting and use its arranged scheduling features to schedule and manage meetings. It is available for every device including mobile phone interphase.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers its users control management features that include muting, permit speak, and lock meeting among other functions. Its online meeting room is designed for internal collaboration, learning and training, external presentation, and webinars https://www.eztalks.com/webinars/ .


Doodle offers a very simple interface to plan your meetings and find the time slot that will suit all your collaborators. With Doodle you choose the name of the event, the place, the description, and propose the different schedules and dates that are suitable for you. You then share the link with your employees who indicate their availability.
An interactive and collaborative meeting
To make your event more lively and involve your collaborators, here are some tips.
Wisemblybest screen sharing https://www.eztalks.com/file-sharing/best-screen-sharing-software-for-easy-collaboration.html

Wisembly is a collaborative web and mobile solution for organizing corporate meetings. Very easy to use, the Wisembly website facilitates the lives of managers by preparing meetings, giving participants access to documents and offering modules to interact, ask questions and even make quizzes. Wisembly also offers a large conference call. And it does not stop! No more worries about following your meetings since the solution automatically performs reports.
In addition, Wisembly regularly organizes events, one of which took place in one of the Bird Office rooms. You can meet the very friendly team of Wisembly by participating in one of their events.
Google Drive

All owners of a Gmail address have access to Google’s real-time file storage and sharing solution. Thus, during your meetings, you can share with your collaborators all types of files (images, videos, classical documents …) and work on several. In addition to the online solution, an application is also available for computer, smartphone and tablet. livemeeting https://www.eztalks.com/eztalks-tips/how-to-join-live-meeting-from-android.html


Evernote is a note-taking tool for collecting information and organizing it very simply in folders. You can share your notes with your collaborators so that everyone adds their information and thus get a complete follow-up of the meeting. The solution is available on the web and in the form of application for computer, Smartphone and tablet. All stored information is automatically synchronized to all your devices.
And for remote meetings?
It is not always possible to organize physical meetings and deploy a whole videoconferencing solution can cost very expensive. To remedy this problem, you can rent a meeting room equipped with a videoconferencing system or use one of the following solutions.

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