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What We Need To Pay Attention To When Choosing And Wearing The Linen Clothes

It is said that the linen clothes will spoil the wearer. Once they get used to wearing the linen clothes, they will not want to slip on clothes with other fabrics. They may feel uncomfortable or upset when wearing other fabrics. The linen fabric does a good job in the absorbency, antivirus and antistatic. We have already talked many things about how to care the linen clothes, but what we need to pay attention to when we choose the linen clothes?
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What we do to choose the right linen clothes?
1.Focus on the linen clothes whether it is the washing linen. The washing linen clothes will no longer shrink. On the contrary, the linen clothes without washing will shrink. Therefore, it would be better to make it clear whether the clothes are after washing or not. Otherwise, it may become too tight for the wearer to wear after washing. The washing linen clothes will be softer than the one without washing.

2.The linen fabric is lack of capacity of elasticity. Therefore, choose the slightly loose clothes rather than the too-tight one. The slightly loose clothes will be not only convenient movement, but also for the comfortable dressing experience. They will keep you fresh and cool rather than sticky in the hot summer.
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What to do when wearing the linen clothes?
1.Some people complain that the wrinkles on the linen surface are often put them in the embarrassing situation. It makes them look slovenly. Because the linen clothes are easy to be crumple, we need to pay more attention. When we sit down, it is a good way for the linen wearers to fondle the linen fabric from you back hips to the thighs. It can reduce the wrinkles and make the fabric smoother when you stand up. This movement is not only for the linen clothes, but also for the good habits. People who are tasteful and elegant would like to do this job to maintain their dressing.

2.If your linen clothes have many wrinkles, hang up them and spray some water to them with the watering can. You will be surprised to find that the wrinkles have been improved. What we need to mention is that remember do not use the iron frequently, or gradually the clothes will be damaged.

3.Roll up the linen clothes are a more effective way to reduce the crumple than the way to fold.

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