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Essential requirements of Sinorock self drilling ground anchor

Self drilling hollow anchor bar support is a safe and economic method in the field of construction engineering. It consists of drill bit, anchor bar, centralizer, coupling, plate and nut. The technology is drilling holes in soil, putting anchor bolt into holes and then grouting cement. Based on the friction between anchor bolt and surrounding soil, thread of anchor bolt, self drilling hollow anchor bolt can support projects. So it is a simple and convenient method for engineering support.

The essential requirements of self drilling ground anchor support:
1. Ensuring earth retaining effect of foundation pit maintenance system and making surrounding slope stable.
2. Ensuring safety of surrounding buildings, underground pipelines and roads. During excavation and construction, avoiding damages because of deformation, settlement, collapse and displacement.
3. In regions with underground water, through water draining, precipitation and interception, ensuring project constructs above underground water.

The features of self drilling ground anchor support:
1. It can use self bearing capacity of soil body reasonably, regarding soil body as supporting structures’ inalienable part.
2. It has light structure, big flexibility, good earthquake resistance and ductility.
3. Construction is convenient, safe and flexible. It also has unique superiority that it can be constructed in small workyard.
4. Ground anchor is quite stable and reliable. After supporting, the deformation is small and overload capacity is strong. Total time of construction is short and it can be excavated and supported at the same time.

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