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Battery for HP COMPAQ 6830s

Police took away the iPad, his iPhone and his laptop. The iPhone was found to also have been used in private browsing mode and the history had been “switched off”, the court heard.Three search capabilities were said to have been present on his devices: Safari, Chrome and DuckDuckGo, the anonymous search engine. DuckDuckGo, a web-based search engine that does not track your internet searches, is available as an iOS app.Police interviewed McGarrity and it was said that he “didn’t understand what was meant by private browsing”. He maintained that he hadn’t altered the device settings, though the court heard this morning that he was warned in 2014 about using private browsing.Shaven-headed McGarrity, wearing a plain grey t-shirt with a small Union Flag at the back of the neck and blue Adidas tracksuit bottoms, leaned on the rail of the dock as his solicitor made his plea in mitigation to the judge.His solicitor, from London firm Dalton Holmes Gray – who refused to confirm his name after the hearing – said in McGarrity’s defence that he “suffered from clinical depression” and was undergoing cognitive behavioural therapy, as well as receiving employment support allowance."No substantive offending has resulted from the breach," asserted McGarrity’s solicitor.District Judge Susan Bayne, sitting alone, adjourned the sentencing hearing to a later date. Indicating that she wanted to make a new sexual harm prevention order against McGarrity, she said the court had insufficient information to do so this morning.

Lenovo, Intel and others are aiming to make online payments more secure by bringing the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) biometric authentication standard to PCs.The fingerprint scanning technology is implemented in Lenovo’s latest Yoga 910 laptop, which is one of those consumer 2-in-1 convertible gizmos with a fold-back screen that lets it be used like a laptop. It relies on some hardware security features implemented in Intel’s 7th-gen Core processors, but also uses biometric fingerprint sensor technology from Synaptics and payment processing from PayPal to deliver a FIDO-compliant solution.The goal, according to Lenovo, is to help reduce online fraud and increase security, while making authentication “nearly frictionless" with biometrics secured by hardware-level protection replacing those so-easily stolen passwords.In actual fact, Intel, Lenovo, PayPal and Synaptics are all members of the FIDO Alliance, the industry body setup several years ago to address the lack of interoperability among authentication devices. While this has enjoyed some take up in the mobile world, the Yoga 910 brings FIDO authentication to PC users for the first time, according to Lenovo.

As well as offering greater security than passwords, the technology is also intended to be more convenient. Once the user has registered with a FIDO-compliant website, they no longer need to enter a password to be authenticated, but simply swipe their finger over the built-in sensor and are instantly logged in.And according to the FIDO Alliance, this is just the start of the FIDO effort to bring password-free authentication to PC users, although it remains to be seen whether the standard has any teeth (geddit?)“The W3C is working to make FIDO web APIs a formal web standard, which will bring FIDO authentication to web browsers across all platforms, said a statement on the organization’s website.In addition, Microsoft is said to have made a “strong commitment” to implementing FIDO compatibility with Windows Hello, the biometric security features in Windows 10, and Google has already FIDO-enabled its Chrome browser with support for second factor authentication via its Security Key program.A 49-year-old IT bloke from Essex has been sentenced to five years‘ imprisonment on two counts of fraud after his cunning plan to steal £450,000 from his employer was uncovered… almost immediately.

Adeshola Dada, of Watts Crescent, Purfleet, Essex, was employed in the IT department of Genesis Housing Association, where he changed the passwords of two colleagues working in the financial department.Dada subsequently attempted to divert payments for genuine suppliers into the account of co-conspirator Ansar Ali’s company. Pretty much straight after the event, an internal audit team at Genesis discovered that a payment of £138,788 had been made to a bank account held by Pathmeads Property Services, which Genesis had no contracts with.Once alerted to the fraudulent transaction, the team managed to stop a further payment of £290,090 that was due to be effected a few days later.While Dada’s job title was that of an ICT Analyst, Court News UK reported that Southwark Crown Court heard his role was closer to that of a sysadmin, as it "involved supporting users with all computer based access and systems performance issues, including password creation and resetting."A forensic investigator brought in by Genesis discovered that the attempt to divert the payments was committed by a user connecting to the businesses‘ systems remotely using the username and password of an employee who had left the company.

Southwark Crown Court heard that Genesis‘ systems logs showed that Keys‘ password had been changed, and forensic analysis further showed that Dada, in fact, had been the only person with password reset privileges on Genesis‘ systems.When Dada’s laptop was seized, Dada told police he would loan it out to people and not keep a record of whom he had loaned it to. He was found guilty of two counts of fraud on 19 August and was sentenced today.Alongside him, Ansar Ali, 43, of Limehouse Causeway was sentenced to two years‘ imprisonment, suspended for two years and ordered to carry out 225 hours of unpaid work after pleading guilty to acquiring criminal property at an earlier hearingTwo others were sentenced for their roles in the scam, which involved receiving sums of around £10,000 into their bank accounts.James McMasters, 24, of The Heights, Northolt, Middlesex was found guilty of acquiring criminal property. He was sentenced to one year imprisonment, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.Danielle Gillian Brown, 25, of Church Lane, N8 was found guilty of the same offence. She was sentenced to nine months‘ imprisonment, suspended for one year. Cloudera says Apache Impala is 10x faster than Amazon Redshift and has 275 per cent better cost efficiency.

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