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Pale Dogwood: Sweet, Chic And Soft

The pink color is often associated with sweetness, femininity, romance, softness and loveliness rather than the fashion. It is a significant color for women. Not until we encountering the Rose Quartz, did we realize that the pink color can also be versatile and chic. The Rose Quartz color has swept the whole fashion world and it was warmly chased by women especially for the pink enthusiast. It was a Rose Quartz year in the year of 2016. This year, the pink color keeps sweeping the fashion world with its Pale Dogwood color. It is sweet but not too much, keeping you better all day long. So what is the Pale Dogwood color?

The Pale Dogwood has been selected and issued by PANTONE as one of the Top ten colors for spring 2017. According to the Pantone explanation, Pale Dogwood is a color continuing the tranquil mood. It is a quiet and peaceful pink shade color which engenders an aura of innocence and purity. It is a subtle color whose soft touch infuses a healthy glow. Comparatively speaking, the Pale Dogwood is a little bit grey and vague. But it is more versatile and chic, coming with higher textures. Now we have a close look on the linen clothes with Pale Dogwood color.

The Pale Dogwood linen A-line dress is lovely and sweet. There’s nothing better than wearing an A-line dress all around the year. It is said that the A-line dress is the best dress for women to show their curvy figure even you don’t have. Besides, your extra meat on the bones will be camouflaged perfectly. Aiming to create a curvy figure, does it mean that it will too tight for you to choke? Will it make you feel sticky when you are leaking? The answers are definitely no. Made of linen fabric, the linen dress is soft and comfortable to wear. It will give us a smooth and delightful touch. Besides, the linen fabric enables the skin to breathe freely and drive the sweaty away, keeping women cool and fresh all day long. Also regarded as the most natural fabric, the linen clothes is fit for the Pale Dogwood color. It will make the Pale Dogwood color more natural and sweeter. The Pale Dogwood color is so soft and lovely that women who slip on it will be more charming and feminine. With so much wow factors, no wonder the Pale Dogwood dress is warmly chased by chic women.
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