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All events provide various rewards in Dragon Ball Online

Interestingly enough, this method will be utilized for all of the other heroes and villains slated for DLC, with the likes of Dragon Ball games online presumably getting the same treatment.With Dragon Ball games having shipped 80 million copies and counting since its release in 2013, it’s obvious Anime game knows how to keep players engaged with the brand with a steady release of post-launch content.Now, it looks as if a reservation card for a PC version of the game has outed the official title as Dragon Ball games, and provides several other details for the forthcoming release.

Dragon Ball games
Then there’s Game Dragon Ball online, Online Dragon Ball Z games and purple-clad character Dragon Ball Z mmorpg.Unfortunately, that ambition and the reality of delivering a finished product never aligned properly for Anime Game, and so the project was dialed back substantially.Apparently, a treasure hunt gone wrong will result in Jesse’s hand being stuck in a cursed gauntlet, while there will be plenty of things returning players will find familiar in the second season.However, players that do not want to spend the $30 for immediate access can be selected randomly for the beta, which happens in waves.
All told, these server mergers/launches will only see a net effect of 1 server lost.On June 14th, Dragon Ball Z Online will be doing something that games don’t do all that often – they will be resetting all achievements related to server firsts.So as word spreads about the change, those who previously avoided the title due to its paid-for status may give it another look.This new Dragon Ball game will be developed for both PC and Console, though it’s not sure if all platforms will receive a simultaneous release, or a staggered one.That’s hardly the catastrophic event that many on reddit are making it out to be without even bothering to read the official post.

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