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Gold Ore Crusher is a Coarse Crushing Machine

Ore crusher is a kind of coarse crushing machine which has a wide application in the ore beneficiation process and other industries. This machine is commonly used in the medium and fine crushing process. In order to properly select and use the ore crusher, we will give you a brief analysis.

The main advantages about the gold ore crusher:

1. Continuous operation, high production capacity and low power consumption. Compare with the jaw crusher, its production capacity is 2 times higher than the latter, while the power consumption of per ton of ore is 0.5-1.2 times lower than the jaw crusher;

2. Stable operation, less vibration and lighter basis weight. The basis weight of the ore crusher is 2-3 times of the equipment weight. To the jaw crusher, it is 5-10 times of the equipment weight.

3. The ore can be fed directly into this machine which doesnt need the ore bin and feeder. The jaw crusher should be equipped with the ore bin and the feeder to ensure the feeding uniform, which greatly increases the cost.

4. The ore crusher can be started easily, while the start of jaw crusher needs the auxiliary tool to turn the heavy flywheel.

5. The content of sheet products is less.

The disadvantages of ore crusher:

1. The height of ore crusher is 2-3 times higher than the jaw crusher, which increases the construction cost of the factory.

2. It is not suitable for the crush of the wet and sticky ores.

3. The maintenance of this machine is complex and the check is inconvenient.

4. The total investment of this machine is high.

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