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Love Is Around The Corner

When I have a happy hour with my BFF (best friend forever), a man’s name was always on her BFF’s mouth. She told me that what a good man he was, how tasteful man he was and so on so forth. She even told her if she was single she would prefer to purse her “love”. “How do you think about him?” I’m not familiar with such excellent man so I have no idea about it. “He is a good man, probably.” I still replied with devil-may-care attitude.

One day friending information popped up. A strange MSN account whose nickname is “linen” sent me a friend request. That’s an obsolete and common name. However, I love linen for its unique charm. Regarded as the gift for human given by the nature, the linen also called as the natural air condition. It has strong absorbency and breathability, improving our tolerance towards heat. Besides, the linen fabric will lower your skin surface temperature quickly, keeping your skin fresh and cool from the hot summer. That is one of the most important reasons why I love the linen clothing. Another reason why I love it is its comfort. It is generally very smooth to touch and it is friendly to our skin. The texture is so neat and firming that it is filled with natural luster. With such amazing linen fabric, the linen clothes are cozy and smooth to dress up or dress down.

linen faric

After a second thought, I agreed with this request and start chatting. Soon I found we had many common topics, especially the linen. We have talked many things, from the linen clothes to environmental protection, from food to music. Both of us regretted having not met earlier. A month past and one day my BFF asked me how did I feel about her colleague? Colleague? I got confused on it because I haven’t connected with my BFF’s colleague. So I asked her who. She told me she gave her colleague My MSN account to her colleague and her colleague was the man she often talked to me. “Linen”? My colleague told me yes. I cannot wait to chat with him online. He replied “How about paying a visit to the linen exhibition this week?”

linen top

Now we are going to enter the kingdom of marriage. He told me he falls in love with me at his first sight, not in our first dating but at a street corner. We have met at the street corner. He told me he was attracted by my pink linen tunic dress. Linen clothes are natural, attracted and sweet. I dress it not only because of its extraordinary design but also the feeling of being touched.

Sweet Linen Short Sleeve Women Pleated A-Line Dress

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