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Vibrating screens should avoid weakness in industry

The vibrating screen is widely used in almost every industry in life and once we need to process and manufacture products, we will tend to choose the vibrating screen as the common tool. As for the industry, it also plays an important role beyond customers imagination. At present, there are few machinery companies that have the ability to do research and development on the new vibrating screens serving well in the medical engineering field. Only several mining machinery manufactures including us have confidence in providing advanced vibrating screens with world-class technology and strong handling power.

The main features of the vibrating screen are as follows:

  • 1. the strong vibration of the screen box will solve the material blocking problems so that we can realize the high screening efficiency and productivity.
  • 2. The simple structure makes it easy for users to change the screen surface.
  • 3. It consumes little power to finish screening materials.

The industry has very strict standard for the process of screening materials. For example, the basic materials we use to make vibrating screens are 304 or 306 stainless steels and the contact part of the materials allows no impurity pollution, and the rubber accessories need to meet the food grade hygienic standard. All vibrating screens for medical use are required to meet the GMP production standard.

Therefore, there is still a long way to go for the vibrating screens to realize positive development in the industry and all mining machinery companies need to try their best to do more researches and make the most use of the advantages of the vibrating screens in order to increase the market competitiveness of the vibrating screen industry.

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