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Women’s Favorite Linen Shift Dress

Dresses are always women’s favorite clothes in their wardrobe. There are A-line dress shirt dresses and loose dresses. Except for the dresses we mentioned above, there is also shift dress. Linen shift dress is a dress with same size of bust, waist and hips, making the dress like a straight cylinder. If the most prevalent A-line dress makes women jaunty and youthful, then the shift dress highlights women’s beauty of elegance and femininity. It will make your dream (to be curvy) comes true.

If you think you are too buxom to wear the fitting shift dress, it will be a good choice for women to have a try on the loose fitting shift dress. Half sleeve design invites women with flabby arms to slip it on. The loose sleeve will not only camouflage your flabby upper arms properly, but also it is comfortable without any pulling; the scoop collar encourages women to display their exquisite collarbone and swan neck; the loose waist design can accommodate your tummy and buxom thighs properly; two large pockets are sewed on this two-layer dress, making it convenient for women to put their hands in; two big slits at either side of the hem gives us convenient movement; the blue color will emphasizes women’s beauty of intellectuality and elegance.
blue linen shift dress

A sleeveless mini shift dress must be suitable for the petite women. Distinguished from the loose fitting shift long linen dresses, the figure flattering one will give you a curvy figure look. The sleeveless design will definitely emphasize your slender arms; the v collar design, which is sexy and versatile, will highlight your delicate collarbone and camouflage the wide shoulders; pretty pleats are embellished on the top right corner. Not only will they make the dress more fabulous, but the pleats will balance your busts’ proportion; the above length design will elongate your legs and display it slenderer; the neat white color adds women’s beauty of softness and gentleness.
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A shift dress with drawstring is also amazing. Just as we mentioned above, the sleeveless design will show your whole arms. It women with flabby arms, the design may put you in the shade. Under this circumstance, a mini suit or coat can work it out. A drawstring on the waistline allows wearing it as loosely or tightly as wearer wishes. Therefore, your love handles will be disguised well with the drawstring design. A big slit in front of the hemline is for convenient movement and display of your slender legs.
linen shift dress

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