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that I look with a blond wig now times as Frau Riekel

Preparations for a Kerkeling birthday show in the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin. The role of the presenter in the rehearsals for this alleged show was taken over by Barbara Schöneberger. She also tries herself as Helene Fischer. The rehearsals for the show end in a disaster. And Kerkeling goes to eat with Schöneberger. In addition, the singers and ex-jungle kings Costa Cordalis and Joey Heindle appear in secondary roles.
„It’s a light-footed documentation and a little workbook about what I’ve done in the past 30 years – good and certainly less good,“ Kerkeling explained in a „Hörzu“ interview. „There will be new sketch inserts in which I play three characters: the director of a gala that will never take place, my manager and a tabloid journalist.“

The obtrusive and ultimately drunk journalist could be said to be „colorful“ boss Patricia Riekel – even if she speaks of the media award Dumbo (not Bambi). Kerkeling said – asked of the „Hörzu“, whether the intention was „that I look with a blond wig now times as Frau Riekel human hair half wigs for sale, for that we can not do either.“
Anyone who has sympathy for Hape Kerkeling, and, as is well known, many, will also like this rather quiet and novel form of tribute. It combines everything that characterizes the entertainer: „wit“, transformation and thoughtfulness. Fans can also look forward to a brief reunion with Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the „Grevenbroicher Tagblatt“ online hair wigs, Trenchcoat journalist Horst Schlämmer. However, the framework with the gala rehearsals appears to be stilted and could have been more successful.

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