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6061 aluminum cable market space

6061 aluminum cable market spaceAluminum alloy cable related standards are also expected to promote the introduction of aluminum alloy cable and application. „The biggest purchaser of the cable is the national grid, but before the introduction of aluminum alloy cable standards, the national grid more than wait and see attitude.[url=http://stainlesssteelplateprice.com/steel-products/5549.html]Factory Producer Stainless Steel Spiral Welded pip[/url]After the introduction of standards, the national grid is expected to aluminum alloy cable included in the procurement list, so that the aluminum alloy cable to obtain greater room for development. „[url=http://stainlesssteelplateprice.com/steel-products/5561.html]cold rolled stainless steel coil 310S made in china[/url]6061 aluminum plate in addition to the superior performance, the cost advantage also allows more and more people began to focus on the aluminum alloy cable. It is reported that the conductor as a major component of power cables, low-voltage power cables in the cable cost of raw materials accounted for 60% to 70%. March 5, 6061 aluminum market in Shanghai aluminum spot price of 14350 yuan / ton, only 56,400 yuan / ton copper price of about 1/4, aluminum alloy cable in the cost of obvious advantages.[url=http://stainlesssteelinstock.com/]Carbon & Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Supplier[/url]In addition, the same conductivity, the aluminum core cable weight only copper core cable 50% to 70%, can also greatly reduce the installation and transportation costs.[url=http://stainlesssteelprices.com/steel-products/119.html]304L stainless steel cold draw bright wire rod coil[/url]

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