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Carolin’s incestuous father-lover trauma is like

From a distance, Carolin’s incestuous father-lover trauma is like a variant of „Martha human hair wigs china,“ but it quickly becomes clear that director Margaret of Trotta takes hysterical women too seriously. The director is well-known for women’s portraits such as „Rosa Luxemburg“, and lastly „Rosenstraße“, where she puts her heroines on the podium without any ifs. She does not have an antenna for abysses and ambiguities, and Roberts’ behavior is incomprehensible when he tries to rape Carolin at the second encounter, and then lace wigs, as a gallantly romantic protector, wants to marry her. „It is like a barter,“ the labile daughter and part-time whore clairvoyantly comments on her change of ownership from dictatorial dad to the dominant lover: otherwise the viewer would not have understood the sadomasochistic tint of her relationship with the milkbubi.
A great misunderstanding also betrays the one-dimensional dressing of Katja Riemann as a victim, whose hysteria never points beyond itself. While Fassbinders’ women were always as interesting as they were exhausting, they experienced a „soap“ in the style of bad TV films: thanks to Trotta’s compassionate embrace strategy, the broken femme fatale Carlotta / Carolin simply looks like an overripe nerve saw, whether in red suspenders and platinum-blond wig , In a flowered maid’s dress on the paternal winery, or in an Arab disguise in the Kasbah of Casablanca, involuntarily makes you laugh. And that has not really deserved this excellent actress.
The sarcastic repressive family, in which a sardonic patriarch (anything but a handy winemaker: Armin Mueller-Stahl), holds court in the circle of his chickens. When the sexy maid, the long-lasting wife and the over-the-top daughter step into a hearing competition, one imagines instead of the exciting psychodrama in the Klimbim family – the blind, dumb housewife shoots the bird off. Funny is however only the „Badesalz“ -abular of waitresses on the edge: Thanks to Hessian film promotion is namely beside Frankfurt also the Rheingau as presented on the presenter. The Schwelgerische Rheinsteig panoramas, which suggest a big cinema, make the dwarfing rama there appear even more strange.

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