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Cost-effective GPS Tracker For Car:TR02 and WeTrack2

Cost is an understandable concern. GPS tracking systems typically require an investment in hardware for each vehicle and a monthly fee for data and wireless services. However, these systems identified inefficiencies and practices in the field that already cost companies hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every month: excess overtime, inefficient routing, side trips, excess engine idling, reckless driving, etc. The cost of these inefficiencies often exceeds the monthly investment required for a Mini GPS Trackers . Most fleet achieve a return on investment within the first few months of using the system, due to savings in overtime costs, fuel expenditures, lower insurance premiums, reduced vehicle maintenance, and more.

The common objections to implementing GPS tracking capabilities in a fleet are all based on reasonable assumptions — but, the actual experience users have had with this technology tells a much different, and more encouraging, story. Most fleet tracking systems comprise the same basic components: a GPS receiver installed in each vehicle and a user interface that organizes and displays gathered information. Both installation and use of these systems are simple. Installing a GPS tracker in the car your teen normally drives can also be a sound investment. Keeping tabs on a new driver is a lot easier if you are not relying on that teen to remember to activate the GPS app each time they get behind the wheel. There are even units that connect to the car battery so you never have to worry about charging them.

This time we decided to recommended two cost-effective GPS Tracker For Car TR02 and WeTrack2. These devices find the audience which needs the simple solution for car and vehicle monitoring.
Appearance and installation

Jimilab TR02 and WeTrack2 are compact Waterproof GPS Tracker that have built-in GNSS and GSM antennas. TR02 case is made of high-quality soft-touch plastic. WeTrack2 brags its rubberized surface. It looks dignified.

Jimilab TR02 and WeTrack2 are quite compact devices

SIM card slots in Jimilab TR02 and WeTrack2

TR02 model has only two wires for connection: PWR and GND. Regarding WeTrack2, there are PWR, GND as well + input for ignition status control and output you can manage remotely. A backup battery 270 mAh is provided only for WeTrack2. You can configure the trackers with SMS-commands only. There is no special configurator or USB port for connection to a PC. We decided to activate and test the devices with Tracksolid because of the fully automated setup process.

Quality of tracks

We were doing the action test for two devices simultaneously. Took them into the car, set tracking mode every 30 sec and went cruising the streets. Both Personal Tracking Device were connected to the same power source.

As the result TR02 is positioned on the map a bit later than another contestant WeTrack2. In general the tracks are quite accurate but not perfect. It was detected that tracks were a little bit cut on turns. The reason is adjusting the trackers only by time. However, colleagues from Jimilab promised they will add tracking parameters in the next firmware updates: tracking by distance and azimuth.

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