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finished by a curl, almost like the abbe’s wigs

„The queen throws herself into this fashion, and immediately the caricatures and diatribes pass over all the heads, and strike on the pretty head-dress with the wisps raised and twisted into a peacock’s tail, in which she has shown herself to the Parisians The satire, which allows so much fashionable ridiculousness, is pitiless for the quesaco, which the Queen shows at the horse-races, for the allegorical caps that Beaulard makes her for the head-dress of her rising, running Paris under the name of Lever Of the Queen. „(1)
The ottomans designated gauze and false hair inserted in the hair, adorned then with various accessories according to the taste of each. Thus, the Pouf with the Beautiful Poule, named after a frigate, or the poof to the feeling, exposing trinkets, birds, flowers, dolls or vegetables.

His personal hairdresser was first Lanseneur, then Leonardo Autié, whose hairstyles triggered admiration.
Fashionable hairstyles are always higher, more complex and more monumental. They are furnished with flowers, fruits or vegetables, and feathers, such as real works of art. When the queen lost her hair, Leonard launched the fashion of „hairdressing to the child,“ with short curly hair.
„There came to Marie Antoinette an alopecia which the chroniclers have not failed to mention:“ Since the bed of the Queen, „wrote Bachaumont in June 1780, Her Majesty’s hair falls and art is continually busy repairing The voids that form on his august head. This princess, tired of opposing nature, seems to wish to abandon herself entirely to it. She has only a flat bun, finished by a curl, almost like the abbe’s wigs, and already several women of the court short curly human hair wig, eager to conform to the tastes of their sovereign, have sacrificed their superb hair. This hairstyle is called „the child.“ (2)

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