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Need to investigate GPS tracking devices

The Glonass Electronic Tracking Device Explay GN-510 is a device that is available to Americans through online auction sites such as eBay. The battery life is reported to be about 3.5 h. Many GPS devices in the United States such as the Garmin Nuvi 1300 have a battery life of 4 h. The device comes with a battery, has a charger, and can be powered through a USB cable. The device has a CPU that is 400 megahertz and the CPU is labeled as ARM9. It uses a Chipset known as Mstar MSB2501. The external memory is quite large. It can take a micro SD card of up to 16 GB. It can also use an SD/MMC card.

One of the screens gives the user a map and tells which Glonass and GPS satellites are accessible at that location and then gives a longitude and latitude. It also gives the time, date, real-time speed, average speed, and altitude. The interaction can be done by touch screen for simple options such as clear all. The operating system for this device is broken up into six large areas such as video, music, ebooks and photo, system, navigation, and GPS information.

Since there are videos, photos, ebooks, and documents, just about any type of digital
evidence could exist on this device. One has to understand what the device is capable of using or storing before one can fully investigate it. The operating system can use a variety of file formats that include AsF, AVI, WMV, MP3, WAV, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TXT. This is not surprising since this device uses Windows CE 5.0 which is found on many American mobile devices. Some GPS Tracking Devices For People sold in America such as the Tom Tom XL support approximately 56 languages and 35 different voices with both male and female voices. The Glonass GPS Navigator Explay GN-510 operating system is reported to operate in three different languages. That means that there must have been support packs added for language support. The languages on the screen may be configured to appear in English, simplified Chinese, or printed Russian Cyrillic letters.

There have been devices available on eBay for some time that allow a person to track the location of another elderly person, dog, car, or valuable object. One device is called “Real-Time Spy Mini GSM GPRS GPS For Vehicle .” This type of device needs a cell phone SIM and then one sends it a text message to activate it. The person with the receiver can connect to a PC and see on a map where the device is at any time and where it has been. This type of device can help to locate a person with Alzheimer’s disease who may have wandered from home. However, it may be used by a possessive person who is stalking a lover and an investigation of a computer or GPS device may be needed if there is a complaint.

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