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Vehicle GPS Tracking Device and truck hijacking

By 2010, Michael Trei reported that there were devices that could be used by blind people for determining their GPS locations. Suppose a car was carjacked and the police recovered it later. Perhaps one of the passengers was blind and would like to know where she or he was by having something that spoke where they were. The police should look for devices that may have been left in the car such as the “Braille Note GPS”. The investigator should ask any special needs people about any relevant devices that keep track of location. Sometimes children have a cell phone with the family locator feature. If a phone was left on and in a stolen car, it may give the whereabouts to the car’s location.

My opinion is that a truck driver is more likely to be the victim of spoofed Best GPS Tracker signals than other types of people because thieves may wish to target their trucks. The spoofed signals may indicate traffic delays ahead and suggest a diverted path to a deserted road where an ambush may be waiting to kidnap the driver and steal the cargo. The GPS navigation device may be recovered later from the truck and the digital evidence examiner should be aware of spoofing so that he or she is not bewildered by times, dates, and routes that seem illogical.

In 2008, it was reported that there were some researchers at Cornell University and Virginia Tech who built a briefcase—sized device that sent out false signals to spoof GPS signals. Devices took the fake signals to be from the real GPS navigation satellite and put the spoofed coordinates in the Small GPS Tracking Device . Such research complicates GPS forensic investigations because there is now the possibility that signals were spoofed and are not real. However, since such devices only exist in research laboratories and have limited range, it is probably not an issue. If there is a cargo theft investigation, it may be useful to know that such systems exist and data cannot always be trusted. It seems that in optimal conditions with the correct antennas and signal amplifiers, spoofed GPS could be broadcasted for long distances.

There are a variety of devices that use Personal Tracking Device that one can purchase today and have been available since the 1990s. One of them is known as the fishfinder. These devices use GPS and allow boaters the opportunity to mark locations where fish might be. An example of such a device is the Garmin GPSMAP 421 GPS Chart Fishfinder Combo with T/M. The device uses an SD card and routes and locations can be saved. Why might there be an investigation of such a device? The answer is perhaps because someone dumped something at sea such as a body, drugs, or toxic waste. An examination of such a device might show places for divers to look. Another reason to examine such a device might be because of reports of taking treasure from a ship that might belong to an insurance company. Various places where the boat stopped may be checked against wreck sites to see if there was recovery of objects that are property of an insurance company.

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