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Are Suits Isolated From Fashion? No!

Recently, I have received some complains from my friends that they dress in a dark suit and white shirt for work everyday, although they want to have some change, their solemn workshop don’t allow them to dress so casually. As a matter of fact, as a white-collar workers, we need to be formal in the office. However, does being formal means boring? Are suits isolated from fashion? Definitely, here are 3 unboring work outfits, I hope it is able to help you add some fun for your official look.

1.Linen woman suits
If you want to keep wearing suits, it’s OK, but change the fabrics such as linen instead of the common fabrics like wool, cotton and polyester. Linen suits are extremely lightweight and help you to remain cool in the hot days. Also it’s tailored to fit your body shape perfectly. Nevertheless, when it’s worn to work, just be aware of color choice and style. Try to find some neat cut and avoid showy color.
linen pants for women

2.Pencil Skirts
Due to its clean tailored cut, pencil skirt is one of the staples for business woman. It is a little tight, it hugs the hips well. Go for a light-colored shirt or simple body suit underneath to really flatter the waist and highlight your curves at the same time. For pencil skirt, as long as you put on a simple top, the bottom is certain suitable to be any color with any funny pattern.
linen shirts for women

3.Knee-length Skirts with Blazer
Although i introduce some interesting and adorable linen suits at first, maybe part of the office ladies are not satisfied and be tired of a set of suits. In this case, why not try one part of the suit to replace a whole set? For instance, we could just wear a Blazer, paired with all kinds of skirts, both of whom are in totally different color It’s worth remembered that skirts should not be too short or too long for formal office, i think an knee length would be favorable. What we mentioned before, about the pencil skirts look, we’d better choose colorful tops as little as possible, and highlight the special skirts. While in this case, instead, since there is a block color blazer and skirt, charm could be added on the shirt inside, such as some spots, plaid and cartoon character so as to balance out the overall look.

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