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How to Crack The Current Stalemate in Dental Equipment Industry by Cross-Border E-commence?

It is always said that the dental equipment in China are very expensive, but in fact this problem exists in many countries around the world.

A High speed dental handpiece made in China, the factory price of which is only US$16, exported to European and American Markets, suddenly the price increasing to US$240, almost 15 times the ex-factory price. There is no doubt the dental cost is always expensive.

China is the main importer of high technology equipment such as 3-D dental imaging equipment made in Germany for Japan. In the other hand, China is also the largest exporter of general dental equipment such as dentist drill, endo motor, autoclave, dental unit, and so on. In the past 20 years, the China dental equipment manufacturers constantly improve their technology. They cooperated with world’s top brand companies by OEM or establish joint venture factories. Gradually, the quality of many dental equipment made in China are in the world’s most advanced level.

The manufactures in China always could cut down the cost by the mass production. The reason of high price of dental equipment is always the long trade chain. It always more than 5 trade layers between manufacturers to dentists.

Serica Global Dental Supply is happy to do something to short down the long trade chain and cut down the price of dental equipment.

As an AUTHORIZED dealer of high-quality Chinese national top brands, there is no trial dealers between Serica and manufacturers. Its large inventory and strength in bulk purchasing allows her to provide products with the best prices and offer FREE SHIPPING service worldwide. As an online dental supplier, Serica provide dentists all over the world with quality dental equipment and supplies with an eye towards value and customer care.

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