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The availability of Wireless IP Camera and lense

Wireless Home Monitoring , Lens

Most video-dome systems use high sensitivity color cameras that can be operated in:

(1) color
(2) monochrome
(3) switch-over from color to monochrome automatically.

The CCD cameras have an image format of 1/6 or 1/4 inch. These smaller sensor formats allow for a compact zoom lens and permit the small compact design that results in high pan/tilt speeds. Overall camera resolution is typically 480 TV lines for color and 570 TV lines for monochrome. Values of 1 lux sensitivity for color and 0.06 lux or less for monochrome are typical. Switchover from color to monochrome is automatic when the light level falls below a predetermined level. Cameras are also provided with DSP and automatic brightness control (ABC) so that the camera can view scenes containing both bright and dark areas. To capture image detail in both light and dark regions, Panasonic Inc. uses the Super Dynamic SDII technology, which records the scene at two different exposures and then electronically integrates both of them into a single image to preserve the detail throughout the bright and dim areas. This added to additional precise color reproduction creates a dynamic range that is about 64 times greater than that of many conventional cameras.

This compensation and large dynamic range reduces the problems that occur in a poorly illuminated room and pointed at a window with a brightly illuminated scene outside. Many cameras adjust their iris level to optimize the inside or outside scene resulting in one part of display being light compensated (normal) while the other part is either too light or too dark. This also occurs in the evening when viewing oncoming traffic with vehicle headlights turned on. The ABC and signal compression techniques enable the camera to see both the light and dark areas of the scene with reduced flair from the oncoming headlights. The zoom lenses generally have a 20 to 1 optical zoom (magnification) range that is extended by electronic digital zoom by another factor of 10, providing an overall 200 to 1 zoom range.

Hardware: Domes, Pan/Tilt Cameras

The availability of Home Security Cameras and lenses and consequent miniature pan/tilt mechanisms having much lower weight and inertia has resulted in ultra-fast speed-dome pan/tilt systems. This reduction in lens/camera pan/tilt mechanism has significantly reduced the overall size of the dome package. Small pan/tilt units are capable of moving at an angular rate of 200/sec. These systems are suitable for mounting on a wall, in a ceiling, or within a small hemispherical dome. They receive control signals via two-wire cabling that simplifies communications to and from the camera unit. Another system available is a high-velocity, rateproportional control, digital-tracking system designed for high-speed positioning of a camera and lens load. The system uses slip-rings to permit 360 continuous rotation, scan speeds from 0 to 80/sec, and tilt speeds from 0 to 25/sec. At these high speeds, dynamic braking is used to provide a ±05 accuracy of stopping at any speed. Zoom lenses used with this design include the option of a 6:1 or a 10:1 zoom ratio. The system uses a solid-state CCD camera for long life and is often mounted in a hemispherical dome to protect and disguise it.

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