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7 Merits and 3 Defects of Linen Fabric

In terms of global warming issue, people pay more and more attention to the environmental protection. Withe the idea of respedct and worship the nature, there is an increasing nunmber of persons receive the linen fabrics which is difficultly ascended the place of refinement. Since every coin has two sides. Linen fabric is not an exception. Today i’d like to talk about 7 Merits and 3 Defects of Linen Fabric.

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1.Cool feeling
The thermal diffusivity of linen is 5 times of wool and 19 times of silk. Under hot weather, when you are wearing linen sundresses, the temperature of your skin could be 3-4degrees centigrade lower than when you are wearing silk or cotton.
2. Good Moisture Absorption and Release.
Linen clothes could absorb 20% moisture of itself and release it immediately and keep dry in spite of the increasing sweater.
3. Reduce Sweating
Studies have shown that linen clothing can make human produce 1.5 times sweater less than wearing cotton clothing which is able to help people stay the balance of The human body electrolyte.
4. Radiation Protection
Putting on a pair of linen pants could greatly reduce the effects by radiation.
5. Anti-Static Effects
Blended fabric contains only 10% of the linen is enough to reach the purpose of anti-static. It could effectively reduce the situation of restless, headache, chest tightness, difficulty breathing which is generated in the static environment.
6. Inhibition of Bacteria
Flax has effects on inhibiting bacteria and fungi, can effectively prevent some diseases. According to Japanese researchers, linen bed sheets can prevent the development of bedsores for long-term bedridden patients, and linen clothing helps prevent certain skin types, such as common rashes and chronic eczema
7. anti-allergy.
For skin allergies, linen dress is undoubtedly a gospel, because linen fabric not only not cause any allergic reaction, but help to treat some allergic diseases.Moreover, flax can reduce inflammation, prevent fever.
1. Easily to Get Folds.
As we all know, linen is a kind of natural fiber, which is with tenacity but is not elastic. Other fabrics will slowly restore the prototype after the deformation, but not the linent, it can only wrinkle once it is deformed.
2. Poor dimensional stability
This is also because it is easy to cause wrinkles, so it is not easy to be measured so as to cause a deviation.
3. Complicated Maintenance
Since linen is a special fabrics, maintenance should be paid more attention to such as washing and ironing.
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