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Small GPS Tracker for Anti-Theft vehicle tracking

Personal GPS Tracker is a practical and easy-to-use GPS tracker specially designed for vehicle tracking. JV200 combines GSM+GPRS+GPS wireless communication technology, with AGPS function the device can easily achieve extreme fast positioning (Cold start < 10s). Vehicle GPS tracker is ultra-thin, easy to install, maintenance free, built-in high sensitivity GPS chipset and antenna enables it to fast and precise locating even in the concrete jungle. Its built-in 3-axis accelerometer extends battery life through sophisticated power management algorithms. Users can use cell phone, PC or SMS to locate the vehicle’s real-time position and driving paths.

Nowadays, you can track the location of belongings such as pets, bikes and bags with Small GPS Tracker , GPS Tracker Device are getting thinner, cheaper, and more useful for security and outdoor activity than ever before. In fact, several excellent models may have crept into the market without you realizing it. Here’s a list of the top personal tracking devices for the safety of your kids, pets, and hiking adventures. There are already some pretty tiny tracking devices on the market.Mini GPS trackers are designed to assist you with keeping track of the things and people that mean the most to you.These devices can also be useful when it comes to ensuring the safety of elderly family members who want to enjoy their independence, monitoring the transportation of goods for your business, detecting the unauthorized use of company resources, and so much more.


Restrict vehicle’s movement within a district by setting up the geo-fence. The device will send message to the authorized number automatically when it’s IN/OUT of the fence. The contract indicated that the client can drive the car from a specified route: Hollywood-China town-Eagle Rock. If he goes to Downtown, alert active and notification will be shown.

Driving report

All the events caused by bad driving will be shown in this report, as well as client information. This report is a reference or prove, you can know who should take responsibility to the accident. There are more ways of GPS tracking for car rental, like car rental time setting, renew the lease by air, etc.

ACC Detection

Update and report the vehicle’s status quickly and accurately.


History of the past 60 days will be preserved. And you can check the speed, direction, time, etc.

Tele-cut Off(petrol/electricity)

Send command through SMS or tracking website to cut off the electricity/petrol connection of the vehicle, leaving the illegal user hopeless.

Save data up to 90 days

View the past three months driving history if necessary.

Working time & RFID control

To protect the most valuable property, you need a solution to monitor and protect these rented cars. Let me explain a few ways of GPS tracking for car rental. The biggest trouble is that renters may not return the car in time, that increase the cost. Working time feature allows you to set rental time for each car, and RFID can control the car when the time is up. Rental companies can track all their cars in a live, 3G map, even if the car is stolen, it is able to know the exact location and take a positive action. For example: When client sign the contract, rental company offers a car and RFID tag. The client must use this tag to active the car, at the same time, start counting down. When the time is up, GPS tracker will block the engine, client can not start the car, even he has the key.

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