Flip Down TFT LED Monitor with USB/SD/IR/FM/HDMI

2)Display Mode: 16:9 wide view screen
3)resolution: 1920 X 1080
4)2 ways video inputs, 1 Audio input
5)Built in IR transmitter
6) Built-in FM Transmitter
7) with HDMI Input
8) with USB/SD-MP5
9) with built-in Speakers
10)Built in LED lights
11)3 colors available:Beige,Black,Grey

Zgemma star H.2S

kerui alarm

Vu Solo 4K
Vu+ Solo 4K
Vu+ Solo2
Vu Duo2
DM800 HD SE V2
DM500 HD
VU+Solo Se V2
VU+Solo Pro V3
HeroBox EX4
HeroBox EX3
HeroBox EX2
X Solo Mini 3
Zgemma Star H.2S
Zgemma Star H.2H

Zgemma Star 2S

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