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newport cigarettes end of the but for

The charming from Newport 100s cigarettes
In the past, there is a saying called: 10 male and nine, nine means ten men are smoking Newport 100s cigarettes, this is not fake.Not only men smoke more Newport 100s cigarettes, several of the women were unwilling to be lonely, also joined the army of smoking Newport 100s cigarettes, how much more and the wet behind the ears of a boy scout.According to media reports, China currently has more than three hundred million smokers, accounts Marlboro Gold Cigarettes for about a third of the world’s smokers, tobacco control the situation very worrying.So, I sincerely admire the inventor of the Newport 100s cigarettes, could be so wonderful invention, desirable, heady stuff, if which day to the selection of the most influential inventions in the world, and I’m sure to vote for Newport 100s cigarettes.
This is the charm of Newport 100s cigarettes.For addiction gentleman, don’t eat a meal doesn’t matter, don’t smoke Newport 100s cigarettes, a day is likely to be their life.In your eyes, smoke Newport 100s cigarettes is their intimate partner, what can be less, is cannot little, Newport 100s cigarettes would rather eat no meat, not the smoke-free.Here, civilians, officials great man also is such.So, Newport 100s cigarettes has become an important consumer goods in their daily lives.
Non-smokers to persuade smokers to quit smoking or smoking Newport 100s cigarettes less, it is a friendly, a kind of care, understandable.In fact, smokers than non-smokers more clear the dangers of smoking Newport 100s cigarettes in his heart, but just don’t get rid of Newport 100s cigarettes, or quit after a relapse, smoke Newport 100s cigarettes more.This is in addition to the effect of nicotine, the objective of strong demand.Smokers also summarizes so smoking Newport 100s cigarettes several benefits:
1, be helpful for thinking.Law of the great man of chairman MAO’s founding, that one is not born in Newport 100s cigarettes?Deng xiaoping and others as well.
2, divertingness, not depression.
3, can unite all those who can be united, close interpersonal relationships.
4, the difficult tasks can be done, little detours.
5, tax actively contribute to the nation.
It’s clearly a black humor, funny.However, the article 3, 4, I thought that also has a point, because, a variety of phenomena in the society.In daily work or life, a smoking Newport 100s cigarettes often than nonsmokers, easier to do things, to deal with the good relations with human. If nothing else, just for dealing with the guard this thing, if you contact the business to some Newport 100s cigarettes unit, the first thing is to guard, if you don’t smoke Newport 100s cigarettes, is likely to be under the guard of the disfavour, even be rejected at the door outside.What department by smoke Newport 100s cigarettes most?The guard up, of course, this is undeniable fact.Small guard is such, not to mention the other.This is the charm of Newport 100s cigarettes.
In addition, the charm of Newport 100s cigarettes, is not just for smokers, also for Newport 100s cigarettes manufacturers said.Now I’m afraid there is no industry create profits and taxes, can exceed that of the tobacco industry and the industry is in this area is the most important tax revenues, particularly by preferential treatment and protection.Of course, the state’s tax every year, to mention this one, it is understood that in 2012 the state tobacco industry tax of 63%, increasing year by year.Newport 100s cigarettes makers profit is huge, rich with oil and more money to spend, and then a whim, the high built a tobacco museum of China in Shanghai, plan to leave of fame, but very few visitors, closing days far more than the number of days to open the door.Advertising noted, is a fine line, stand at the gate of the Newport 100s cigarettes factories huge „love my China“ signs, ambiguity, and will be „the event,“ double happiness puns in the promotion of the flag, inserted through the whole road, attract people’s eyeballs.In Newport 100s cigarettes factories, the worker’s monthly income, nature also far higher than other industries, it is said that if you want to into the Newport 100s cigarettes factories as a temporary workers, also get one thousand every line, gift-giving.
Newport 100s cigarettesonline.org cigarettes since have so much charm, Newport 100s cigarettes want to vigorously regulation, indeed very difficult, is not going to accomplish.Actually, no matter use what tobacco control measures, which are at the end of the governance solution not effect a permanent cure.Any problem with the official version, should grasp the source, the disease can’t cure, at the newport cigarettes end of the but for tobacco control can cure?Obviously not.Because of this, she will have to wipe out the tobacco, shut down Newport 100s cigarettes factory, seemed to recreate the Lin Zexu humen scenario, this is the government’s reluctance to see, may also does not have this kind of precedent abroad.So, perfect conditions for tobacco control, also only do surface, can not and rule for a long time.
Because there are too many Newport 100s cigarettes charm, mouth-watering, so that the community of forgeproof illegal cases, although the state tobacco monopoly bureau, the magnitude of the blow is very big also, but the illegal behavior of forgeproof is still rampant, relevant departments of the helpless there’s no way to it.This may be a survival rule, along with the boom of tobacco, along with the decline of tobacco.At the same time, the tobacco industry’s profits, is by no means a simple causes of demand and supply, Newport 100s cigarettes also has a deeper reason, such as the monopoly of the industry, price monopoly, local protectionism, etc.Countries only increase the limitation on the tobacco industry profits, and further compression of its living space, to effectively curb the deformation of the tobacco industry development.
The charm of Newport 100s cigarettes, completely is caused by man himself, if the human is not invented Newport 100s cigarettes, it may be we’ve an unwanted plants;If the human does not give it so much evil qi, rampant, Newport 100s cigarettes also can be common use.So, need to tie the bell is better, of tobacco control is just a human, a very childish way.

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