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Firmino’s trajectory and Pakistan

Now this Liverpool team, attack up front organizations seems dazzling, but the real threat is unlikely. Plus the red, reds only scored 3 goals in 5 League games, including an offside goal, cheap fut coins while the other two goals are long-range kudiniao world and the amazing Bentke Barb. Firmino’s skills are average, is a versatile attacking player, but his individual combat ability is far from finished and explosive team level.

Almighty is a benefit in itself, but now the reds without a prominent technology Firmino is hard to use. As a result of sluggish play, anxious Firmino some technical moves on the Court is difficult to achieve. Take this game to see, as an offensive player, Firmino audience was not a shooting and dribbling and passes only 69%.

Firmino’s trajectory and Pakistan last season now that God is consistent, with Halo, but rarely brilliant performances on the pitch, and with poor form, which in turn affects their mood impede the true level of play. But compared to BA God, Firmino pitch with more pure, he still has a chance to prove himself. Click Here

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