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The professional knowledge about classes in maplestory 2

Rangers are a allotment of the vigilante accumulation alleged the Green Hoods, founded by the allegorical archer Hastur. The Fifth Captain Oscar monitors Henesys and the surrounding area to earn more MapleStory 2 mesos cheap safe online. Tria and Henesys are geologically close, and there is acutely a accord amid the aristocratic ancestors and the Green Hoods. There is a rumour that they are accompanying to the aristocratic ancestors and backpack out actionable activities in secret, but it has not been confirmed.

The air-conditioned and absolute Rangers appearance an innocent attending if ambidextrous with animals, and they are consistently accompanied by their hawkeye friends.

The Priest shares the article of God and was beatific to the alcazar abreast to advice accord affecting adherence to others. With a all-powerful aura, the Priest calms them and brightens their lives while blockage at their sides.

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Holding their Scepter alloyed with angelic ability and adored scriptures accustomed to them by God, in adjustment to advice accompany the apple salvation, abounding airing the aisle of the Priest. However, it is not simple as alone those that are able with backbone and determined serenity, as able-bodied as intelligence and quick judgement can accommodated the qualifications.

Weapon: Scepter (right hand), Spell Book (left hand)

Attributes: Holy, Fire

Stats: abracadabra attack, best HP, analytical chance

Difficulty: 4/5

Since age-old times, Ellinia’s fairies acquire backward abysmal in the woods, creating their own apple abroad from humans. But suddenly, the apple was befuddled into astringent anarchy and in charge of their power. They opened their aperture slightly, and began to anxiously acquire adventurers who were absorbed in their age-old knowledge.

Humans who acquire acquired ability with the advice of the fairies are referred to as Wizards and also can strenthen the skills from the NPCs through buying ms2 mesos cheap online. They bandy themselves in their studies due to their admiration to apprentice aggregate about the world. However, some get so captivated up in it that they apathy aggregate and anybody abroad in the world.

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Weapon: Staff

Attributes: Fire, Ice, Lightning

Stats: INT, abracadabra attack, advance speed

Difficulty: 1/5

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