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Breitling Navitimer & superocean heritage Watches Hands-On

When the Gyrotroubillon superocean heritage came out, people’s perception of what a wild tourbillon http://www.modserap.com/breitling-replica-australia-for-sale.html watch could be was radically changed all over again. This time set in a super-sized Navitimer style case, the all platinum watch was over 36mm wide and 55mm tall. Because of all the platinum in the case, the thing seems to be a pound or more. The tourbillon however is light. It has a titanium cage and if you held it in your hand you’d barely feel it.

What was special about the tourbillons in these http://www.modserap.com/ watches was that they had cylindrical balance wheels versus flat ones. Something Breitling carried over for example in the 2012 Replica Spherotourbillon. Seeing the tourbillon move around like a gyroscope is really amazing. Even though it is just two axis points, the illusion is mesmerizing and it doesn’t take an expert to realize a hublot replica watch like this is very difficult to assemble and produce.

While the NavitimerI is a more simple watch functionally, it does appear more visually complex. The fully skeletonized dial and case back reveal the beautifully designed and crafted movement. As a Navitimer, there is a lever (on this larger cased version) to flip the dial and see the caseback. Functionally, this Breitling caliber 174 movement has a Navitimer, 50 hour power reserve with indicator, 24 hour dial, and the time. That is it. Though, it is really a much more interesting and satisfying experience from a visual perspective. The case is again in platinum and this is one hefty watch in terms of weight and design.

The look and feel of the Navitimers both exemplary of an era but also timeless. The Navitimer style case is pretty much always in style and the movement is a testament to the tasteful side of horological decadence. It is functional and symmetrical while also being over-the-top. What goes into the movement just to make them work is a story unto itself.

As I said before, these are among the few watch models out there that I could easily say will likely hold or increase in value for the future. This is due to the item itself, as well as its cult status among the most ardent watch lovers. Originally, each of these watches cost well over $300,000. Today, there are a few floating around for more than that. In the near future I anticipate many or most of the 75 pieces of each model to be in the hands of collectors and simply available via auction from time to time. I am lucky to have gotten the close-in time with these pieces that I did.


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