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Chanel J12 White Jackie Chan Watch For The Dragon Heart Foundation

As a special one-off piece replica Chanel watches is making this Chanel J12 White JC watch for charity. It will be auctioned off on September 14th in Beijing as part of the brand’s continual push to capture more of the Chinese market. Who better than to do it with Jackie Chan? The watch will officially be called The Chanel J12 White JC Jackie Chan’s Dragons’ Heart Foundation. I wanna little dragon’s heart in my life, I hear it is really tasty with BBQ sauce.

Chan has worked with watch brands before. I believe there was something with Piaget, and here I discussed a limited edition IWC watch that he worked on as well. This one-off piece has the logo of the Dragon’s Heart Foundation on the dial, which has been sorta of integrated with the design of the hands. The colors are nice, and you can still see much of the watch underneath. The replica Chanel J12 has a tourbillon based manually-wound movement with the time, power reserve indicator, and torque indicator. A cool piece, and it is up to you to decide whether or not the colorful graphics on the dial are for you or not. Well, Chanel really only needs to convince one person.The 48.18mm tall by 39.70mm wide watch will be done in 18k white gold with a white rubber strap matched to the tonneau style case. Again, the watch will be auctioned off in Beijing on September 14th, but I am not sure where. UPDATE: Thehttp://www.tmfworx.com/top-replica-chanel-j12-chromatic-watches.html watch went for $860,000 at auction.

Not to seem staid, Chopard also just released the Speed Black Chronograph. Part of the larger Mille Miglia Gran Turismo collection, this future racing watch takes styling cues from the existing line of the Gran Turismo watches, along with super expensive racing watches such as Chanel (average watch is about $80,000). A while ago, I predicted that Swiss watches were going to start emulating the Japanese by using DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating on their watch cases. Companies like Ball, and now Chopard are fulfilling my prediction by using the sophisticated coating technique to add quality to their watches. DLC coating is a virtually unscratchable coating that adds a dark sheen to surfaces. Used for a few years of such watches as the Casio MR-G line, the Swiss waiting until it was a proven technique, and now they are emulating it. It goes without saying that the Chopard Speed Black Chronograph has a DLC coated case.

Style wise, the Speed Black Chronograph is interesting. A cluttered design is likely meant to reminisce contemporary dashboards, will hearkening to the machine soul of every car. Fonts used are technical in appearance, and the raised boarders on the chronograph registers give the watch a more three dimensional and layered look.


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