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How Do You Remove A CD Radio Unit From A VW Passat

The right way to take away the head unit on the Volkswagen without taking out one screw. The VW Passat has many upgradable features and a second of the most popular is definitely the factory head unit. Upgrading the music system in the VW Passat is probably the easier car projects. Swapping out of the factory stereo to get a new head unit gives you better sound and newer features. Changing out your stereo in a very VW passat requires about Thirty minutes.

Suggests note prior to starting, acquiring the headunit alone isn’t suitable because of this car – it isn’t only a case of plug and play as if it might have been in the earlier generation Passat.

Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable. While using 10mm wrench. The negative battery cable connects the negative lead post on the battery towards frame of your Passat. Lay the negative battery cable outside of the battery until the removal ends.

Eliminate the trim ring across the stereo by prying at one corner before the clips disconnect. Remove four T-20 torx screws to eliminate radio stations, one on all sides from the radio. Pull the top unit from your VW Passat dash and disconnect the wires on the back within the radio.

Pull their heads unit within the VW Passat dash and disconnect the wires from the back with the radio. Slide the new stereo on the VW radio mounting kit, which is a thin metal cover and secure it per the manufacturer’s instructions. Most adaptors have screws to support the stereo available even though have clips, which engage automatically.

Running an optional snap on wire harness adapter will simplify the wiring. Most snap on wire harness adapters have formerly converted and color coded the wires from your automakers in dash wire harness to suit typical aftermarket radio wire colors. For the VW it implements a “Quadlock” connection and has now two permanent live feeds.

So, an adapter can be purchased which converts the Quadlock to two standard ISO connections and has a CANBUS module inside it which “talks” into the cars computer and determines should the unit need to be powered on, turn off, volume increased with speed, etc.

You simply must try to find a specialty VW antenna adapter made for VW amplified antennas. These antenna adapters have inbuilt electronics towards the rear from the adapter to “turn on” VW amplified antenna. Have a look at the revolutionary radio. I routed my mic constantly in place and ran the wire for the, connected the quadlock/CANBUS adapter and connected the antenna adapter.

Because antenna needs amplified, the very best source I uncovered was the only one labelled “Remote” on my little new headunit wiring loom – it’s usually for a further amplifier and it is live as soon as the headunit it. (I did so connect the headunit since this a chance to ensure be certain it came on and stopped the same as the old one – understanding that radio stations signal worked!)

Connect the wiring harness adaptor into the original harness and slide the VW antenna adaptor in the original wire. Connect the wiring harness adaptor to the original harness and slide the VW antenna adaptor towards the first cable. Plug the wiring harness adaptor and antenna to the rear of the new stereo and slide the main assembly within the dashboard until it clicks in place.

Reconnect the positive battery cable and switch radio stations on. Test your head unit features additionally, the car speakers to ensure they are functioning properly. Switch the trim ring around the radio.

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